What can I submit?

In short, you can submit just about anything but be sure to refer to our Rights and Content page for what's cool and what's not!

Submit your music, pictures of art, photos, videos, fan videos, spoken word, artist interviews and whatever you've got!  Be sure to include your name and website or email address on the picture itself if you submit pictures, this way folks will know how to get in touch with you.  Remember, this service is not available for you as a sales tool but as a way to express yourself and get some exposure.

Now look, you may notice that the Defenestration Player contains a section called "Now Playing", this is where YOUR information is going to show up but only if you have embedded this info within your media file.  Please refer to the How To Create or Edit ID3 Tags page for some info on how to do this if you dont already know.  It's not a perfect page but it'll get you started and we'll post as much info as we can as soon as we can to further help you along.

It isn’t a radio program, or a TV program, or even a podcast.  It’s a compilation of videos, audio recordings, paintings, poetry, sculpture, weaving - any creative endeavor that can be shared with visitors to our website will find a place on defenestration.   If your band has a video, defenestration is the place to put it.  If there’s no video, that’s where we’ll put slides of paintings, sculptures or tapestries.  If you’ve recorded one of your poems, we’ll air that as well – or we can put up a slide so visitors can read it themselves.  However you’ve expressed your own special gifts, we want to show them off!