Meera Rao

buffalo journey  Buffalo Journey color pencils on watercolor paper 15 x 19” framed: 20 x 24 2008 I like to tell stories and I try to make my paintings a visual vignette. It’s a common site on the roads of India to see cattle being transported in small trucks, which are called as ‘lorries’ in the local vernacular. And I always wondered where were they being taken to and what future did they ultimately face. The mood and expression of each of the gray and white buffalos, the play of the light & shadows on that bright clear day onto the colorfully decorated lorry, the yards and yards of fraying rope that was used to tie up the animals, all made a compelling composition that I had to try and capture on paper. I used color pencils and a realistic style with lots of little details to express perhaps an important journey for these buffalos.  About Me: I paint whatever captures my imagination in Watercolors, Color Pencils or graphite. I also enjoy photography. I try to bring to my art the philosophy, heritage and the tropical colors of India and the spirit of adventure and experimentation I find in my now home here in the USA. My goal is to paint often and have my blog : as a place to share my adventures. I have had the good fortune to paraticipate in local, national and international juried art shows. I started painting as an adult. After taking lessons in watercolor and colored pencils in the early 1990s, I have tried to grow by reading, studying other artists, and experimenting. I am also a volunteer tutor for Peninsula Reads. Once a month, I organize the meetings for Hindu Youth Association in Hampton Roads teaching children about Hinduism and their Indian Heritage.