Mary Curro

Love's Ecstasy  A Kiss on the Neck  The distortion is to emphasize the intensity of the moment. The Ecstasy of Yosemite  view of Yosemite, with a cascade waterfall. The Source  The recent passing of megastar Michael Johnson has affected me deeply. As a pre-teen,I had helped to welcome this musical genius into the entertainment world.Vintage photos & video of the J-5 cause me to wax nostalgic.He maintained that wonderful child-like naivety until the end.He was financially blessed and yet a victim of circumstance.He truly represented the up & the downside of superstardom.I will miss him. Notes: I have been a resident of Hampton Rhoads for the pass 24 years.My hobbies are painting and classical music. My artistic subjects include portraiture,landscapes,architecture and animal prints. I'm usually listening to classical music as I paint.Painting is relaxing and therapeutic. The death of my sister was a catalyst for me to pick up a paintbrush after a 30 year hiatus.I've been fortunate to have my work displayed at various venues over the pass 5 years.I'm particular proud of my take on the "Madonna & child" theme in one of my recent paintings.I encourage everyone to explore a creative hobby.