Kathy Lamm

Angel at Rest  Graphite Pencil and Pastel Illustrations of A Sleeping Angel Baby.  Drawing has always come instinctively to me. For as long as I could remember my natural space has been with a pencil and sketch pad in hand. Over the years I have continued my love for raw graphite and control of fine details it allows me to capture. Recently I have added soft pastels for more enhancement. I enjoy drawing portraits and the challenge of capturing the human spirit through simple gestures and natural poses. Over the most recent past I have found a special passion for creating images of Angels. I believe we are each blessed with Angels who walk the Earth among us. Sometimes they walk with us for a very short time. Sometimes they walk with us for most of our lives. It has been my honor, as an illustrator, to create very personal images of these Angels- the ones who are still with us and those who have passed on. My hope is that these Angels will bring some measure of comfort and healing to those in need. And that peace will be gained as we realize that their Angelic spirits will be with us. Always.